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Happy Clients

-Jenny G.

“Thank you so much for helping me clean out my kids closet, room and more.  After stuffing their room with their christmas haul it looked like a cyclone hit their room.  I was overwhelmed and didnt know where to begin.  Now it is organized, clean, and things have a place.  I even have extra room to grow.  I couldn't have done it without you.  Thanks a million.  It's just a small step in a total house transformation, but at least one room has serenity.  Next stop will be the cramped master bedroom shared with an active toddler.  Can't wait for next week, a great way to start the new year.

Thanks again”

- Carly A.

"April was great to work with! She is extremely creative.  She found uses for things I already had at my house to help organize my pantry. I can finally see everything in my pantry and it makes my life so much easier. She took the time to sit with me and find out what I use most often so that I could easily access things. She really knows how to utilize every space. Even my toddler was  thrilled with the results-she is thrilled to have a snack bin within her reach. Such great hacks!

-Jeremy N.

"April helped me turn part of my disorganized, unfinished basement into an organized, functional work space. She worked with me to create an action plan that allowed me to do the work myself and turn her vision into reality" 

-Corinne W.

Being Neat and Tidey is not about throwing all your stuff away! It’s not about buying all new furniture and fixtures to fit all you paraphernalia into. And it’s not about ‘sparking joy’ either… it’s about reorganizing and decluttering!! It’s about repurposing furnishings that you already own, it’s about finding another space for what you already have, and that space is probably right under your nose – you just can’t see it because your mind doesn’t work that way, but hers does.

April Tidey reorganized my home office/walk in closet. Now that her job is done, don’t think that I live a Tidey-life! My space looks lived-in most of the time, sometimes it gets really messy, BUT it is SO much easier to tidy up when I want to or need to (company!!). Everything has a place, and the place makes sense. It was an absolute revelation to me how much space already existed there. Yes, I did get rid of a few things, but they were items I hadn’t even looked at in years, and my pieces that have sentimental value are now all in one spot so that I may truly enjoy them at any time.

April may be hardworking and no-nonsense when it comes to organizing, but she is also friendly and nonjudgmental. You can have her do it all for you or work alongside her - although I’ll tell you honestly, working with her and watching the process is inspiring – either way you will have a beautiful space with no cost to your ego and no stress.

-Lauren N.

"April is wonderful to work with. She helped me organize my son's room and basement, which included creating a play space as well as an organized work space. She has great ideas for all your organizational needs!"

-Philla B.

"I  just had a session with my friend April Tidey and she helped me get organized digitally! I now have a better understanding of dropbox, airdrop, notes, reminders and how to best use my calendar. We even got me started on improving my photo organization. All this in one hour!"